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Mundocrypto was born in 2019 with the purpose of democratizing access to education and financial freedom through the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In Spain alone we have already provided this opportunity to +55,000 people in crypto training .

The most disruptive digital transformation of the century has begun, hand in hand with the technology that is revolutionizing the world as we know it. Meet our crypto academy.

Taking a cryptocurrency and Blockchain course is here to stay. Our cryptocurrency training is committed to ensuring mass adoption and preparing you for the largest transfer of wealth in history .

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Leading International Cryptocurrency Training

Mundocrypto has already positioned itself as the leading crypto academy or school in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain training.

The keys to this success are not only due to our teaching methodology, but also to a teaching team of leading experts in blockchain technology and decentralized finance (defi). 

We provide results-based crypto training from our Mundocrypto professionals as well as from entrepreneurs and managers of the world's leading blockchain companies.


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Why do more than 55,000 students choose our Cryptocurrency Training?

Mundocrypto offers practical and quality cryptocurrency training fully adapted to the general public, through our crypto academy's online classes (accessible at any time). From basic training to the most advanced levels.

Our education model has already allowed, in less than 3 years, +55,000 people who have taken a cryptocurrency and blockchain course to have the possibility of: knowing first-hand the direction in which the world is turning, adapting to the finances that will replace the current monetary system, accessing the most in-demand positions in the industry of the future.


Much more than a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain course that will turn you into the professional that every Blockchain company will want to know.

Job opportunities

Both Mundocrypto and large companies in the sector are looking for hundreds of professionals trained with us.


The most experienced professionals in the industry are training here and you will be part of our Crypto community.

Proven success

Alumni of our cryptocurrency academy already manage +6 figure investments, have created their own company or lead crypto business projects.


Our Master's students have the opportunity to start their crypto business in our startup incubator.

NFT Certifications

Since 2022, Mundocrypto and its partners have been validating the skills acquired through immutable and non-transferable certifications.

Much more than a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Course

It is not just a Cryptocurrency course, it is the next level in Crypto Education: the Master of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Don't make mistakes when investing in cryptocurrencies like 99% of people.

✓ S tart or work in a Crypto, web3 and blockchain company.

Become part of an exclusive Crypto community of investors, professionals and entrepreneurs.


Is cryptocurrency training for you?


For anyone who wants to get started in cryptocurrency investment or train as a professional investor.


For any professional who wants to focus their career in the blockchain sector and work in the most demanded positions in the world.


For those who dare to innovate with the most disruptive technology and lead one of the companies of the future.


For companies that want to adapt to change and turn their employees into the professionals of tomorrow.

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